Vacation in Sardinia - a recipe for your longevity!

DoverieSardo will personalize a memorable vacation on the north of Sardinia for you. You will dive into a world of new colours, heartwarming hospitality and genuine kindness. You will taste local delicacies that are so much appreciated by all Italians and Europeans. The purity of the local air will provoke a pleasant dizziness in your head which will be a perfect natural therapy from the stress we are exposed to in our every day life.

The purity of the air and the sea of Sardinia have no equivalents in the world. Most national parks are located along the coastal area of Sardinia. Sardinian beaches extend for 2000 km and some of them are the most beautiful beaches in the world. If you like going out on a boat or a yacht, Sardinia offers you numerous harbours created by nature where you can berth your boat and get a necessary service for the boat or for yourself. On the island there are many caves with beautiful landscapes facing sandy beaches with all possible shades of the sea. The sculptures of limestone rocks formed by the local winds for centuries give the seascape a tinge of mystery and secrecy.

DoverieSardo recommends you to start your acquaintance with Sardinia by visiting the sea. We will develop an individual program for you. You will go on a trip that will not be like any other that you have already experienced. You can go fishing in the morning or in the evening, spend time at one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, visit the local marine national parks, go on a motorboat or a yacht in a secluded bay and swim in the open sea. If you are a sport fan, we can organize diving, surfing or participation in one of sailing regattas held in the north of Sardinia every year.

On the territory of Sardinia there are a lot of mountains of ancient origin containing limestone. During the centuries the limestone rocks formed their shapes under the influence of strong winds typical for Sardinia and have obtained fancy shapes. These naturally modelled sculptures form the landscape of the whole island. A number of such areas in Sardinia is now under the protection of the state but it does not prevent tourists to enjoy their beauty.

The mountains of Sardinia are often covered by lush forests. Many forests in Sardinia have comfortable walkways and routes for mountain biking and off-road vehicles. By following one of such routes you can get to the springs or waterfalls that are scattered throughout the island, although it is not easy to find them because they are located in the most remote corners of the island.

It is extremely interesting to see how many cities, or rather towns, have managed to settle at different altitudes in remote mountain areas of Sardinia.

DoverieSardo offers assistance in organizing trips personally for you to visit the forests of Sardinia. You can choose to stay in a beautiful hotel in the mountains, where you can relax in nature surrounded by forest, get acquainted with local culture, take a walk along the forest on foot or on a horseback, pet deer, try local delicacies and have a wonderful time enjoying nature of Sardinian forests.

Lakes and lagoons
Sardinia is rich in wetlands, many of which have been listed as natural objects subject to protection under the Ramsar Convention. Here you can find rare species of waterfowl: pink flamingos, black winged stilts and other rare birds. Fishing in the waters of the lagoons of Sardinia is of great interest for those who like fish dishes.

As for lakes, the only natural lake in Sardinia is Lake Baratz. It is located near the town of Alghero. Natural and artificial lakes of the island are of great importance in terms of supply of water to the island. Recently fishing, canoeing and other water sports have become very popular on the lakes.

DoverieSardo will gladly help you arrange a visit to the lagoons and lakes of Sardinia where you can admire the birds, the fish and take a trip in a canoe or a boat enjoying a romantic scenery.


National Parks
As you already understood, there are a lot of national parks in Sardinia. Doveriesardo helps in organizing excursions to national parks of the north of Sardinia, to the island of Asinara and the archipelago of La Maddalena. You will be able to see and feed the rare animals and enjoy the enchanting beauty of the sea and little islands of Sardinia.

Sardinian cuisine has a long history and requires a lot of knowledge. Simple but rich in natural ingredients it will satisfy even the most refined gourmets. With its vast agricultural lands and favourable climate all year round in Sardinia you can find products to suit every taste. Local farmers know exactly when and how to harvest and feed the livestock, so that meat would be juicy and full of flavour. Fruits, vegetables and meat make up a huge proportion of the diet of every Sardinian. But, of course, the main dish here is pasta. After all, we are in Italy. Pasta cooked here with meat and fish is usually accompanied by fresh bread from different wheat varieties and local cheese, types of which are countless. All these dishes are different in taste and cooking techniques, depending on the region in which the dish is served.

Wine of Sardinia is a huge niche in the wine industry in Italy. Any Italian knows how valuable are the local wines.

DoverieSardo will organize a tour for you to visit various farmlands and wineries where you will be able to taste dishes prepared exclusively from the products produced on the farm, as well as to taste different wines. It will be a surprising discovery for you because the taste of each dish is unique and incredibly fresh. We will also give you a piece of advice which restaurants are worth visiting to enjoy the taste of culinary masterpieces from the best chefs in Sardinia.










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