Your representative in Sardinia


Genereal Director


Maurizio Manca
Born in Sassari, Sardinia. Graduated form the University of Virginia, USA. Studied, lived and worked in the United States in total for 12 years. After coming back to Sardinia started a business which ended up to be so successful that it was asked to be purchased and eventually was purchased by the american company UL. Before accepting the offer to manage DoverieSardo worked in real estate and yachts and boats sales in Sardinia.


Executive Director

Исп. директор

Irina Pushkova
Born in Moscow, Russia. Graduated from Moscow State Linguistic University specialized in Linguistics and Intercultural Communication. Has a degree in Economics granted by Finance Academy under the Government of Russian Federation. Worked in Moscow in Real Estate, Oil & Gas, Audit & Consulting, Food & Beverage. In Sardinia - since 2008. Officially certified by the Chamber of Commerce of Sassari (Sardinia) as a real estate agent with the possibility to operate on the whole territory of Italy.




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